Our first encounter lasts approximately 1h. It is a face-to-face session during which you can evoke the reasons of your will to consult a psychologist, your questions, your difficulties and your expectations. This will help us make a preliminary analysis of the situation and decide together the modalities of the ensuing therapeutic work.

 Fees and session duration:

   ♦ Individual consultation : 50 euros (between 45min and 1h)
   ♦ Family consultation : 75 euros (between 1h and 1h15)

N.B. The consultations with a private psychologist are not covered by social security (Sécurité Sociale). However, certain private health insurances (mutuelles) offer a partial refund of the consulting fees. You can get more information about these reimbursement policies by contacting your health insurance company.
The website vospsychologues.com suggests an
non-exhaustive list of the insurance companies and the reimbursement they offer for psychology consultations.